Saturday, September 3, 2016

Annual Comic-Con Post (This Year with Haiku)

Con has come and gone.
I took a lot of pictures.
But took more last year.

Comic-Con 2016
If you find yourself,
in costume or somewhere else,
find me for hi-res.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Picture Dump Comic-Con 2015

Many a picture was taken of the various thingamajigs, whosits and whatsits from this past weekend.  You can find them all at this Flickr Album.

The pics on flickr are not full-res because it would have taken some huge number of hours (seriously ATT U-Verse, step up your game).  If you find yourself in one and want a higher-res version, contact me.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Strange Days Are Here Again

It's July in San Diego and that means sun, sand, and driving through some light rain on the way to work... Wait, what? Yeah, weather has been strange in these parts lately. Scorching drought for most of fall and winter, and an unusual amount of rain in the past few months. Oh yeah, and it's suddenly time for Comic-Con again. That means my poor blog comes out of hibernation early this year (this is the earliest Comic-Con I can remember). On the bright side, this means I can truthfully say that I didn't take a full year off from this site.

That's something, right?  Eh?  Ah, screw it.  Moving on...

I haven't just been sitting around like a chump the past year.  I've been drawing, writing, all that jazz, just not posting it here because I have way too many accounts across the internet.  You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, even Tumblr if you're dirty.  for a list of them, go to my "about" page on the right.  Over there ------>

Or click this link, I guess.

PS I stole the "tumblr if you're dirty" line.  I just can't remember from whom.